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For many people who are struggling with alcohol addiction or drug addiction, one of the most difficult steps on the path to recovery is the first one. The grip of addiction can be so strong, and its effects can be so damaging to the individual’s personality and perception that they might not accept that addiction has occurred at all. When this happens, the best solution might be to plan an intervention to assist that person to see the problem and give them the tools to take action.

Tranquil Shores offers drug and alcohol addiction therapies and programs in Florida. Thanks to our reputation for professionalism and compassion, we are able to work with numerous expert interventionists. If your loved one would benefit from being shown the harm of their addiction directly, then an intervention hosted by one such professional and organized by our rehab center could be in order.

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How Does Intervention Help?

Drug and alcohol addiction interventions tend to have an unfairly negative reputation. Many people assume that they are frightening, insensitive, and potentially harmful encounters that cause more trouble than they fix. The truth is that interventions can be healing for everyone involved, especially when they are hosted and managed by a professional interventionist.

Three ways that an intervention can help a loved one fight addiction are:

  1. Clarity: During an intervention, the person struggling with addiction can get clear examples of what harmful actions and behaviors they have engaged in due to their addiction. With more clarity, it is harder to hide addiction behind excuses or circular logic.
  2. Support: An intervention not only makes the harm of addiction clearer but also makes it more obvious that there are people who still support the person with the addiction. An intervention is also a good time to introduce recovery options like checking into a rehab center.
  3. Consequences: It is not fair to the people who are hurt by someone else’s addiction to bury all of their needs and emotions. They can use an intervention to discuss what they will do to protect themselves from further harm if the intervened person will not seek addiction treatment.

What Happens During Intervention?

Every intervention is unique because the situations that lead to addiction are always unique, too. As such, it can be difficult to say exactly what will happen during an intervention if you schedule one for your loved one. Tranquil Shores works with a variety of interventionists, each with their own approaches. We would be happy to help connect you with the interventionist that seems like they would be the best fit for your loved one during this difficult time.

No matter what interventionist you work with, an intervention usually includes these steps:

  • Contact the interventionist and share information about the person who needs help overcoming an addiction to alcohol or drugs.
  • Decide who will attend the intervention and discuss why their inclusion will be beneficial.
  • Choose the potential consequences you can bring up if the person with the addiction does not want to accept or seek treatment.
  • Write down notes for everyone to use during the intervention as reminders and share them.
  • Mark the date when the intervention will take place; it does not necessarily need to be a “surprise intervention.”
  • Hold the intervention and cover all necessary points, following the interventionist’s prompts throughout.
  • Follow up in a timely manner to see how effective the intervention was or if the person with an addiction has arranged to get treatment.

Learn More About Intervention Today

Is intervention the right choice to get your loved one on the path to recovery? It might be, but you will not know for sure unless you explore your options with an addiction recovery specialist. If you live in Florida and want to see if an intervention will help a loved one out of addiction, then please reach out to Tranquil Shores today.

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