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A support group will be enormously helpful in your recovery from addiction. See how by reading more.

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Group Therapy For Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Importance of a Strong Support Group During and Post Treatment

Addiction is an isolating illness that fills people with shame and guilt. Many addicts use isolation as a coping mechanism, so they don’t have to face the reality of their condition. When you enter a rehab program, the idea of group therapy can be upsetting because you want to continue to struggle anonymously.

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How Is Group Therapy Used to Treat Addiction?

Overcoming addiction is not easy, and it requires the help of a network. No one overcomes addiction alone. You need professional treatment programs and the support of your peers for a successful recovery. Group therapy helps you establish a solid relationship with that peer group by introducing you to others who are struggling with many of the same issues you are.

The group will support you during treatment, as you’re on your way to a clear-minded, sober lifestyle. You will likely find it helpful to hear that other people are experiencing the same pain you are, and their success stories will inspire you to keep working at your recovery. It will also lend assistance after your rehabilitation, to ensure that yours is a real and lasting recovery.

Is Group Therapy Effective?

Few of us would choose to live on an island, without other people. We each reap tremendous benefits from associating with the right kind of people, who offer us goods, services and ideas we otherwise never would have on our own.

Similarly, members of a support group offer you their personal experiences, techniques on how they beat their own addictions, things they’ve found to work in staying sober, and encouragement for you to do the same. Associating with people like this will contribute to your personal toolset of life skills and happiness skills. You’ll be able to add the experience of each support group member to your own arsenal of knowledge.

When you enter rehab, you need to leave your old habits and the friends who used with you behind. That can be a lonely feeling. Your therapy group quickly becomes your first healthy support network on your road to recovery. A special connection develops between people who go through rehab together. These people are your safe friends, the ones who understand your struggle and who you can count on to provide positive recovery support.

What Are the Benefits of Group Therapy During Addiction Treatment?

Along the way, you’ll find that support is not a one-way street. As others with experiences similar to yours offer their own assistance and encouragement, you’ll discover that you can return the same benefit.

In addition to providing unique support for your recovery efforts, group therapy also reinforces the lessons you are learning on your path to a healthier, substance-free lifestyle. As you progress in your recovery, you will have opportunities to guide and inspire others who are working toward their own recovery.

Every time you share a strategy to help someone else with their recovery, it reinforces your own knowledge. You get to see these ideas in action from a more objective vantage point and recognize how they work. Helping someone else also gives you a sense of accomplishment and begins to fill that hole inside you.

A support group is one more element used by the trained staff at Tranquil Shores, in the process of reclaiming your life. Group therapy is effective in developing a peer support group, reinforcing your recovery lessons and making the recovery process a little more comfortable. Sharing a rehab program on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico becomes a bonding experience that develops life-long healthy and supportive friends.

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