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Holistic Drug & Alcohol Recovery Center

Holistic healing is the natural approach to wellness and can be applied to mental as well as physical health.

The mind and body are connected and work together to maintain optimal functioning. When there is a disease of mind or body, the other suffers as well. Bringing your mind and body together in the healing process is the best way to achieve holistic wellness and an improved quality of life.

A holistic recovery center for drug and alcohol addiction like Tranquil Shores treats more than just your addiction. Addiction is a mental condition that also has physical symptoms. When you’re struggling with addiction, your whole life is in turmoil. Addiction makes it impossible to maintain healthy relationships, fulfill your parental responsibilities or hold down a steady job.

To be successful, addiction recovery has to do more than just remove the substance from your brain and body. It has to help you put your life back together with a new healthy lifestyle. All of the aspects of your life are combined in your addiction crisis, and they all need to be healed.

Get Holistic Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Tampa

Serving clients from Tampa, Bradenton, Sarasota, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and the surrounding Tampa area, Tranquil Shores uses a holistic approach to addiction recovery. At Tranquil Shores, our emphasis is on healing the client rather than treating a disease. We understand that for addiction recovery to be successful, all aspects of a person’s being — physical, mental and spiritual — must be addressed.

Tranquil Shores offers exercise and nutritional counseling along with chiropractic and massage therapy to address the physical needs or our clients. We teach yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques to comfort clients through this difficult time and reduce stress. Life skills, art therapy and vibroacoustic therapy incorporate practical activities into the healing to develop healthy life habits.

Benefits of Holistic Rehab

Addiction is an all-encompassing condition that can be difficult to overcome. Our philosophy at Tranquil Shores is to make this recovery experience as comfortable as possible, so you’ll be drawn to the healthy lifestyle you are creating for yourself. Addiction taps into the pleasure centers of your brain, and we want to help you replace those pleasant feelings with healthy activities that produce happy brain chemistry.

A holistic rehab program teaches you healthy activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine to maintain your recovery long after you finish rehab. In addiction, drug abuse becomes a habit that takes over your life. The easiest way to change a habit is to replace it with another one that’s beneficial to your health and your spirit.

Holistic rehab programs also teach you more about the connection between your mind, body and spirit. By nurturing each one of these, they work together to create a healthy lifestyle for you. Activities that heal your spirit, like meditation or reiki, help move your recovery forward. Self-care is how you incorporate healing rituals for your mind, body and spirit into your daily routine.

Therapy is a tremendously important part of your recovery process, for one simple reason: It’s easy enough to clear the poisons from your body (detoxification). But it’s not enough. You need to clean up the poisonous thinking patterns that led to your addiction in the first place. Neglect that, and you run a big risk of a relapse.

Choosing a Holistic Alcohol Treatment Center in Tampa

No matter what substance you’re struggling with, the holistic approach to rehab should work best for you. Helping you to overcome your addiction and healing all the aspects of your life is better than just some addiction-targeted recovery program.

Everyone’s addiction and recovery journey is different. People reach addiction in different ways and for different reasons. Your path to overcoming addiction is your own, too. What we do have in common, however, is our multifaceted existence that incorporates mind, body and spirit into one being. Everyone needs health in all aspects of themselves to achieve wellness. Upon completion of a program, Tranquil Shores offers free group therapy to our alumni.

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Tranquil Shores offers customized, comprehensive treatment for substance abuse and co -occurring disorders. We offer our clients 90 days of treatment where clients reside in our beautiful, beach front condos. We also offer intensive outpatient, outpatient, and free groups for alumni of the Tranquil Shores program. In addition, we offer transitional housing exclusively for our clients who complete the 90-day program.

Comprehensive therapy is important for individuals healing from substance abuse. Recovery is a journey and a solid beginning foundation is crucial.

Contact Tranquil Shores and come visit and tour our center. We welcome you to see the facility in person and meet our team.

Our Success Stories

your recovery is our main priority
- Tom K.
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Life is so much better after recovery. I'm in better spirits. I can conquer almost anything on my own. And I couldn't be happier.
- Former Patient
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Recovery is about the beginning of a new life and not about dwelling on what you might have done in the past. The counseling, along with the spiritual basis for the counseling is second to none!
- Bryan F.
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The people cared about me and the people took me under their wing. They not only saved my life, but they saved my brothers and in a way my sons.
- Former Family Member of Patient
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We found at Tranquil Shores people who were totally dedicated to treating and healing the whole person, physically, emotionally and spiritually. They replaced despair and brokenness with confidence and joy, shame with acceptance and grace.
- Ashley
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I had this act going like I was this great student and daughter and I was absolutely dying inside. Luckily I was blessed with amazing parents that talked to Chad Johnson and they figured out a way to get me to Tranquil Shores.

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