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Drug and alcohol addictions almost always have significant impacts on the addict’s family’s well-being. Contact us today to start family therapy.

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Family Therapy For Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Addiction not only affects you, but it hurts the people around you and can tear apart family relationships. Often, relationships are so severely damaged that they require therapy to heal. Overcoming addiction is not enough to repair wounded families. Family therapy is needed to bring the family back together.

At Tranquil Shores, we believe family can be an integral part of our clients’ recovery process. We have tailored family therapy sessions that are individualized to meet the needs of this intimate group dynamic. We leave it up to you to determine how much you would like your family to be included in your rehab. However, we believe our family program not only ensures those who were most affected by your addiction are cared for, but it also allows your family to be key players in your overall recovery.

The Goals of Family Therapy

There is a hereditary component to addiction, and sometimes family dynamics contribute to its development. Well-meaning family members can fall into a co-dependent pattern of behavior where they think they are helping but really they are prolonging the addiction.

The goals of family therapy include assessing the family dynamics to understand how they play a role in the addiction. It is not about placing blame. It is more important to understand the root cause of the addiction, how it started and what perpetuates it. By treating those conditions, there is a greater chance for a lasting recovery.

Family relationships are often deeply wounded by addiction. Time and rehab cannot always heal these wounds. Family therapy is a more comprehensive approach to addressing the relationship issues within the family, so family members can come together without anger and resentment.

Your family can potentially be your greatest support system, and everyone needs a network of support to overcome addiction. Through family therapy, that network can be strengthened. Your family members can also learn how best to support your recovery efforts, which will make them some of your greatest assets when you leave rehab.

Family Therapy at Tranquil Shores

We believe that family involvement in your addiction recovery program is essential to a lasting recovery. As your greatest support team, your family needs help understanding your addiction the same way you do. By educating families about addiction and what they can expect, we prepare them to become a stronger network of support.

However, many of our clients either are not ready to include their family in the recovery process yet or they’re worried that their family will be told things they’re not ready to share. Tranquil Shores tailors each family program to be as inclusive to the family as the client wishes.

When you are ready to allow your family to be part of your treatment program, they can be a critical part of the recovery process for any client. There are several different ways we integrate family into your drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

1. Weekly Communication

While you are in our care at Tranquil Shores, your family may be at home wondering how you are doing and worrying about your progress. With your consent, our clinicians will reach out once a week to update them on how you are doing. This weekly contact may be through phone calls or emails.

2. Family Dynamics Group Sessions

Every week, your family will be encouraged to attend a two-hour Family Dynamics Group. These family group sessions are tailored to meet the needs of your individual family’s group dynamics, and they focus on that week’s theme and how it pertains to family and recovery.

A lot of times, a client’s family tries to help them deal with their addiction. But without realizing it, they are actually enabling their loved one to continue down the path of addiction. This group session is designed to help your family understand how to be a healthy support network and give them the tools they need to encourage you in the future.

3. Monthly Private Family Counseling

While you participate in Tranquil Shores’ drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it’s essential that your family receives individualized attention so they can recover from the fallout of addiction. That is why we invite family members to participate in their own version of recovery. These sessions include the client, their primary counselor and whichever family members the client would like to have there. During this time of counseling, your family can work on the restoration of familial relationships in a private setting. They will go over such topics as:

  • Healthy communication
  • Boundaries
  • Recovery

4. Preparation to Return Home

Addiction recovery starts out as an individual struggle, but eventually, you have to leave rehab and go back home. If your family is not prepared for your homecoming, they can actually present a pretty big obstacle to your recovery. Your addiction affected your family relationships, and relationships are two-sided. By treating you but not your family, we are only doing half the work needed to return you to a healthy, happy life.

Our family therapy at Tranquil Shores ensures your family is prepared to become a recovery team alongside you, with each member being a key player in the success of your overall recovery. It also will help create a healthy family dynamic where they feel cared for and that their individual concerns were addressed.

Get the Help You and Your Family Need at Tranquil Shores

Tranquil Shores is an ideal place to overcome addiction, rebuild your life and repair your family relationships. In addition to regular family therapy sessions, we offer private accommodations where family can comfortably visit and participate in your journey to a lasting recovery. Our beautiful quiet setting on the Gulf Coast of Florida allows you to leave the daily struggles behind and focus on healing.

Family therapy can facilitate the conversations that need to take place between you and your family members, and a sunset walk on the beach always reduces stress. If you are ready to receive the help you and your family need, contact us today to reclaim your life.

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