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If you or a loved one are struggling with heroin addiction, you need to get treatment now. Don’t let heroin destroy you. Instead, reclaim your life with Tranquil Shores.

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Heroin is a particularly dangerous addiction because any dose can turn into an overdose, and any overdose can be fatal. Seeking treatment can truly be the difference between life and death.

That being said, for lasting sobriety, you should seek a holistic treatment center like Tranquil Shores. Our Florida heroin rehab program not only helps clients beat their addiction but also gives them the tools they need to develop a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

At Tranquil Shores, we focus on helping patients overcome the constraints of their disease. We recognize that our patients come from different places and different walks of life, which means we aim to personalize treatment for each individual. We also maintain a 3-to-1 client to counselor ratio to give each client the attention they deserve and increase their chances of achieving their recovery goals.

We offer a safe and comfortable environment for recovery. Our relaxing beach environment encourages self-discovery and introspection — 2 important aspects of emotional and physical healing.

Need treatment for heroin addiction in Florida? Get confidential help at (727) 888-6623 or by reaching out to us online.

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Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Addiction

heroin syringes and spoon on a wooden tableIf someone is using heroin regularly, you may notice many changes in both their appearance and behavior. Their skin may be flushed. They may keep scratching "itchy" skin. They may experience vomiting and shallow breathing, or even fall asleep without warning. If your loved one is using with needles, you may notice needle marks, as well, but now that so many people prefer to sniff or smoke heroin, marks (or lack thereof) are not the only thing you should be looking for. Besides those signs, you may also stumble across their equipment — rubber tubing, syringes, metal or glass pipes, or even dirty spoons.

Anytime someone uses heroin, there is the potential for overdose, and because heroin works by repressing the respiratory system, an overdose can become fatal very quickly. If you recognize that someone is using heroin, do not wait to get them help.

Side Effects of Heroin Use and Abuse

Because heroin — and opioids in general — impact the parts of the brain that deal with pain and pleasure, people typically feel a huge rush immediately after taking heroin. Then, immediately after, they experience a calm feeling. If they were in pain before using, their pain usually decreases significantly or even disappears. People who use can actually become so calm that they fall asleep or, at the very least, stay in a drowsy, sleepy phase while the drug is in their system.

While those feelings may sound appealing, heroin has a wide variety of potential side effects — both short-term and long-term. The drug can also impact your physical and mental health. Using heroin over time can permanently damage your ability to think and function.

You may also develop tolerance (needing more and more heroin to achieve the same “high”) and withdrawal symptoms (unpleasant sensations when you stop using the drug).

Side effects of heroin use and abuse include:

  • Infected heart valves and lining
  • Collapsed veins (in people who inject)
  • Damaged nasal tissues (in people who sniff or snort)
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation
  • Lung issues
  • Kidney and liver disease
  • Abscesses
  • Mental health issues
  • Irregular menstrual cycles (in women)
  • Sexual dysfunction (in men)
  • And more

Beating a heroin addiction can improve your mental and physical health. The sooner you can get the drug out of your system, the sooner you can feel better and begin building your new life.

The Rise of Heroin Addiction

It's no secret that heroin use — and addiction — is a rapidly growing problem in the United States. While its presence isn't new, by any means, the number of deaths from heroin addiction has reached epidemic levels.

According to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 70,000 Americans died from drug overdose in 2019. The majority of these deaths were attributed to heroin and other synthetic opioids (nearly 73%).

In Florida alone, statistics show that approximately 16 residents die each day from opioid addiction and overdose. In 2019, Florida recorded 698 deaths related to heroin use.

Analyzing the Statistics

Heroin is easier to get than other forms of opioids, making it the drug of choice for many who were already addicted to prescription painkillers. Additionally, heroin is inexpensive, readily available, and relatively easy to use.

The numbers are so alarming that federal and state government officials are scrambling to allocate funds and manpower to address the crisis, particularly in the areas of law enforcement and overdose reversal treatments. Along with that, the need for high-quality heroin treatment centers is greater than ever before.

Our Philosophy at Tranquil Shores

At Tranquil Shores, we focus on helping patients overcome the constraints of their disease to develop a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle. We recognize that our patients come from different places and different walks of life. As such, we offer personalized treatment plans to increase your chances of achieving your recovery goals. We offer a safe and comfortable environment that encourages self-discovery and introspection — two important aspects of emotional and physical healing.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to treating addiction and any co-occurring mental illnesses you may have. These highly-trained professionals — some internationally recognized in their field — work together to bring you a holistic and extremely personal recovery experience. Our 3-to-1 client-to-counselor ratio is one of the lowest in the industry, and we have seen time and time again how it contributes to the success of our clients.

Not only that, but our clients also benefit from our holistic approach to heroin addiction treatment. Many programs are set up to simply address the disease of addiction without ever treating the person underneath. We firmly believe that your identity does not lie in past mistakes. We recognize that people are multi-faceted, with complex personalities and sensibilities. You are more than your addiction, and we want you to leave our facility both confident in who you are and prepared for what lies ahead.

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction to heroin or some other substance, let us help you discover life after addiction. Call Tranquil Shores at (727) 888-6623 today to learn more about our Florida heroin rehab program.

Why Do People Use Heroin?

Opioids in various forms have been present in the United States since the nineteenth century. In fact, you can find many stories about Civil War soldiers who used them to cope long after the cannon fire stopped. Heroin itself became widely known during the 1960s and '70s, particularly when a generation of young men returned from Vietnam addicted and looking for help. As the number of addictions grew, heroin developed a reputation and a stigma for being unsanitary, primarily because users at the time had to rely on needles to inject it into their bodies.

Improper use of needles led to higher rates of HIV and Hepatitis B and C among users, and the spotlight on HIV drew extra attention to heroin addiction.

As the government began to recognize and address the serious nature of heroin addiction use and abuse steadily declined until the opioid crisis of the 1990s, which was fueled primarily by big pharma.

With heroin addiction at the forefront of our national consciousness, once again, many people have a single question when they find out their loved ones are using heroin: Why?

Truthfully, the reasons behind drug use are diverse and complicated. There is no one-size-fits-all explanation for why some people are drawn to use and abuse drugs. In the case of heroin, however, many people use it in an attempt to self-medicate. The high from heroin can provide a sense of temporary relief for people with mental health issues. And, as we have already mentioned, many people start abusing prescription painkillers before using heroin. Many people use heroin for pain relief and get hooked on the pleasurable sensations.

Heroin addiction does not stay within economic, social, or educational classes. Instead, the effects of the drug apply to a wide variety of people.

Helping a Loved One Addicted to Heroin

There are few things as devastating as seeing someone you love struggle with heroin addiction. While it may be difficult, it is critical that you speak up and urge them to seek treatment. You could be saving their life.

If your son, daughter, parent, or other loved one is addicted to heroin:

  • Do your research and learn as much as you can about heroin addiction so you can better understand what they are going through.
  • Be careful of your words and tone. Be straightforward about your concerns, but be sure to approach them from a place of compassion, not judgment.
  • Do not wait to speak up. Don't wait until your loved one hits "rock bottom" to urge them to seek help. The sooner they get treatment, the better.
  • Be prepared for the possibility that they may react negatively to you. They may not realize how serious their addiction has become, or they may be in denial. Be persistent.
  • If they agree to seek help, stay involved in their recovery. Provide the support they need during this time.
  • If your loved one refuses to acknowledge an obvious problem after multiple confrontations, consider staging an intervention with the help of a trained professional.

Heroin Addiction Treatment in Florida

Heroin is powerful and causes severe withdrawal symptoms, which can start as soon as a few hours after your final dose and last for days or even weeks. Nevertheless, you can overcome the restlessness, pain, nausea, and intense cravings with help and support from a group of trained medical professionals. Having around-the-clock medical attention and support during your initial detox can be crucial to your long-term success.

Even after your initial detox period has ended, heroin cravings can continue. Tranquil Shores offers a holistic approach that gives you therapies and strategies to overcome these cravings.

When you want to reclaim your life and accept treatment, you have many treatment options. This variety is excellent, since treatment is not a “one size fits all” solution. Some people prosper with dual diagnosis treatment, but others prefer other methods of care.

Whether your heroin addiction stems from a reliance on opioid painkillers or another path led you to addiction, heroin can impact your entire life. That’s why we not only help you recover from addiction but also give you the tools you need to live a meaningful life.

There’s no such thing as a quick cure to opioid addiction. Typically, the most successful treatments will be a combination of behavioral therapy and medication over time. When used together, medication and therapy have been proven to restore some degree of normal brain function, giving those in recovery a greater ability to resist cravings.

Medications can help ease your withdrawal symptoms in the detox phase. In addition to easing symptoms like vomiting, pain, and diarrhea, they can also reduce cravings. Drugs used to treat heroin addiction can include methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone. We will work with you to find the right medical intervention for you.

Behavioral therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), can help retrain your brain to overcome cravings and triggers.

A day & night heroin treatment center like Tranquil Shores can make all the difference. Contact our team of specialists today!

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    Recovery is about the beginning of a new life and not about dwelling on what you might have done in the past. The counseling, along with the spiritual basis for the counseling is second to none!

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    The people cared about me and the people took me under their wing. They not only saved my life, but they saved my brothers and in a way my sons.

    - Bryan F.

    We found at Tranquil Shores people who were totally dedicated to treating and healing the whole person, physically, emotionally and spiritually. They replaced despair and brokenness with confidence and joy, shame with acceptance and grace, most of all sadn

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    I had this act going like I was this great student and daughter and I was absolutely dying inside. Luckily I was blessed with amazing parents that talked to Chad Johnson and they figured out a way to get me to Tranquil Shores. I started doing what I was to

    - Ashley

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