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Rebuilding Your Life After Rehab

The Dawn of Your Recovery

You made it into drug and alcohol treatment and completed a program. It’s time to think about rebuilding your life after rehab. The prospect can be daunting in the beginning. Not only does the idea of not picking up a drug or a drink for the rest of your life seem like a giant responsibility, but you also have some damage to repair. Relax, remember that in recovery we say “one day at a time”. That’s an excellent attitude to approach staying sober with, but it also applies to the task of building a new life for yourself in recovery. We can’t afford to become overwhelmed and stressing out isn’t in our best interests anyway.

How to Rebuild Your Life After Rehab

The better drug and alcohol rehabs, like Tranquil Shores, always have a robust aftercare and alumni program. Make sure you put them to use. Before you leave rehab, your discharge planner will help put together a road map for your life in early recovery. This will usually include resources for continuing counseling on an outpatient basis and meetings you can attend in your area. A recommendation to a sober living residence is usually part of the plan too, and we highly recommend that experience if there is any way you can commit to it for at least a few months. More thorough plans might also include resources for medication and health care, if you do not have insurance and places to apply for work which are friendly to people in recovery.

Aftercare Programs

Aftercare plans that include outpatient counseling once a week can really help you stay on an even keel as you get your bearings. Being able to bring real-life challenges into a therapeutic space for discussion can be a valuable tool for growth and insight. Group therapy is also helpful because it gives you a set of peers who will be experiencing most of the same things you are, in their own way. Any challenge is easier to face when you have people around you who understand just what you’re going through. 

Alumni Programs

Alumni programs are also a big help. They give you one more way to stay connected to the drug and alcohol rehab where you got treatment and can act a bit like “training wheels”. They also help you begin building your network of sober supports, which is so very important to all of us in recovery, especially at the beginning. So if your treatment center has an alumni program, make sure you’re registered with them. 

Repairing “The Wreckage of the Past”

When it comes to getting the other parts of your life in order in early recovery, “easy does it” is the motto. Take your time, but do hold yourself accountable for making progress. There are lots of non-profit organizations who can help you fix and rebuild your credit. That’s one place to start. Make sure you confirm they are a non-profit organization first. When it comes to repairing lost trust and damaged relationships, patience is key. It took time to create the damage and it will take time to repair it. 

You also must accept the fact that there may be some relationships or situations that are beyond repair. Accept it and move on. The best way to approach the relationships and situations that you can repair is the amends process outlined in the 12-step fellowships like AA and NA. Don’t skip ahead on these however. Do your steps. All 12 of them, in order, with a qualified sponsor. When it comes time to make amends, be they personal, financial or otherwise, let your sponsor and sober supports be your guide here. Stay honest with them and with those you make amends to. 

As uncomfortable as that process can be, it is also cathartic and liberating. You will be glad you did it, we promise. Rebuilding other areas of your life, romantic, career, possessions. All of these will come with time, provided you keep your priorities in the right order and stay humble and grateful. That’s kind of the key to everything. Avoid reverting to old ways of thinking and old behavior patterns. The more work we do on ourselves, patiently and diligently, the more rewards we enjoy. 

Let’s Talk About Treatment for Addiction

If you or someone you care about is in the grip of addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. It’s ok if you’re not sure where to start. You don’t need to have all the answers! Your job is just to be as honest and as willing as you can and ask for help. Tranquil Shores is here to help you find your way. Give us a call and we can get you started in the right direction today. (727) 591-4119

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Rebuilding Your Life After Rehab

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