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What Is The Best Way To Detox From Alcohol?

Alcohol Detox Is Necessary — Here’s How To Detox Safely

When someone has become addicted to alcohol, the first step in recovery is a detox, or detoxification. This can be a difficult, and even dangerous, process but it is absolutely necessary for recovery to begin

We want to stress, detoxification is only the first step in the recovery process. After detoxification has taken place, therapy and other measures step in to help the alcoholic stay sober over the long term. The goal is to never have to detox again, because it is an uncomfortable and potentially painful process. 

But what is the best way to detox? The simple answer is, under medical supervision in a hospital or treatment facility. This is the healthiest, safest, and most comfortable way to detox from alcohol and other drugs. Some studies also suggest when undertaking this kind of detox long-term outcomes are also better, because the patient can quickly get the help they need to stay sober for a lifetime. 

As we mentioned, for some people detoxification can even be dangerous and can result in death. Please bear in mind, this is only for those who have been having many drinks every day over many years. But other heavy drinkers can be at risk for other serious problems, such as seizures, as well. 

We always suggest you consult a medical professional before stopping drinking cold turkey, but we want you to know that stopping drinking is an extremely worthwhile process, and with the right help you or your loved ones can get and stay sober for a lifetime.

Always Consult A Medical Professional When Detoxing

Again, you should always consult a doctor before stopping drinking if you are a heavy drinker. Abruptly quitting drinking can result in a number of complications, up to and including death. Some of the potential hazards include: 

  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety, agitation, and depression
  • Shaking And tremors 
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Confusion 

These can be life threatening. Of course, there will be other physical and mental discomforts that go along with quitting drinking, but those are not generally life-threatening. It can include things like psychological issues, sweating, shaking, nausea, headaches, brain fog, etc.

When under medical supervision, the severe risks can be mitigated and the less-severe risks that can be exceptionally uncomfortable can be eased as well. Sometimes, a patient will have to be slowly tapered off of alcohol to mitigate these physical risks. This should only be done under the supervision of a medical professional, in a certified treatment center or a hospital.

Medical Detox

There are generally three stages to medical detox, evaluation, treatment, and transition to rehabilitation. 

  • First stage: You and your medical condition will be evaluated, and you will undergo tests to see what drugs are in your system, including alcohol. This helps doctors or medical professionals understand what your needs may be throughout the detox process.
  • Second Stage: Under the care of a physician or other professional you will undergo medical intervention to keep you alive and ease the discomfort of any of the symptoms associated with detoxification. You will be kept as comfortable as possible during this time and allowed to focus on your recovery.
  • Third Stage: During this stage you transition to a rehabilitation program, one that has been selected with professional help and gives you the best chance of staying sober. You might begin to experience cravings at this stage. 

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Detox 

If the option is available, inpatient detox is the best way to detox, and for some patients it may be medically necessary. This is similar to an inpatient stay in a hospital, where the patient will stay in a medical facility designed to allow people to detoxify safely and in the most comfortable manner possible.  

For very heavy drinkers, where stopping abruptly can be dangerous, inpatient detox is nearly always necessary. 

While inpatient detox can be disruptive to a patient’s life, getting free from alcohol is the most important thing. With inpatient detox a patient can focus almost solely on their health and getting free in a safe and healthy way. If the option is available, this is almost always the preferred method. 

Another method is intensive outpatient detox. This is still supervised by a medical professional, and one will spend time in a treatment facility, but generally patients will be able to go home at night. This is not the best option for everyone, and any decisions about where and how detox takes place should be in consultation with a doctor or other medical professional.  

Call Today For Florida Detox Options

If you think you might need to detox from alcohol, please give us a call at 727-591-4119. We can help you detox from alcohol or any other drug safely and with the maximum amount of comfort available. We offer many different ways to detoxify yourself from alcohol or other drugs, safely and in a manner that works for you. 

We sincerely think it will be a worthwhile process, and with the right help, you can live a happy and healthy life free from alcohol and other drugs. Millions of people around the world have done it, and we believe you can too. Call us today and get back on the road to permanent recovery. 

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