Preparing for the Holidays in Recovery

Celebrating with Loved Ones in Recovery

When entering your first holiday season in recovery, it can feel a bit different, to say the least. However, it can be helpful to know what to expect. The experts at Tranquil Shores are here to share some common changes in behavior that you can expect when celebrating the holidays in sobriety for the first time.

Your Family May Treat You Differently

The holiday season means spending more time with your friends and family. However, after you’ve shared with your loved ones that you’ve chosen to lead a sober lifestyle, you may notice a shift in how they act toward you.

In many instances, loved ones become more gentle and overly attentive. While this can feel as though they are babying you, they may not know what to say or to help you feel supported.

They May Hide Their Alcohol and Drug Use

When you share that you no longer want to drink or use drugs, it’s normal for your friends and family to respect this decision. However, some people may feel tempted to use again if they see others indulging during holiday festivities. In an effort to respect your choice, loved ones may try to hide their alcohol consumption or drug use while they’re around you.

You May Feel Like All Eyes Are On You

Many people feel as though their loved ones are suddenly more interested in everything you say and do when you’re around them for the first time after sharing your struggles with addiction. However, it is normal to feel anxious when living in your truth and owning your decision to get sober.

You May feel Overwhelmed

While this time of year can feel awkward or overwhelming when you’re in recovery, take some time to acknowledge just how far you‘ve come and stand in your decision to get sober. Remember the reason for the season and enjoy your time with your friends and family who are here to support you, even when they’re still learning how.

Seeking Help at Tranquil Shores

Whether you’re recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, Tranquil Shores can help you every step of the way toward wellness and recovery. Our experienced clinical team of addiction experts is dedicated to providing unique and personalized therapy to those looking for help with substance use disorders in Florida.

Please call us at (727) 591-4119 or reach out to us online to take the first step on the road to recovery today

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