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Co-Occurring Disorders & Addiction

The Relationship Between Mental Illness & Addiction

It’s not all that uncommon for underlying mental health disorders to appear alongside substance abuse and addiction. However, proper diagnosis is key when it comes to effective treatment.

What is a Co-occurring Disorder

Also commonly referred to as a dual-diagnosis, a co-occurring disorder happens when a person suffering from a mental health issue also struggles with addiction. This is because people living with mental illnesses are more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol as a means to cope when their mental health issues go unaddressed.

Common Mental Health Disorders that Accompany Addiction


Depression is one of the most commonly experienced mental health disorders. Because depression can bring on extremely low feelings and even numbers, many people turn to drugs and alcohol to distract themselves from them temporarily.


Many people suffering from anxiety turn to drugs and alcohol to temporarily rid themselves of their nerves and anxious thoughts, especially in social situations. When continuously turning to substances to manage anxiety symptoms, it can quickly turn into addiction and chemical dependency.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is brought on by traumatic experiences. One of the most commonly experienced symptoms of PTSD is flashbacks to and intrusive thoughts. People suffering from PTSD may turn to drugs and alcohol to escape these thoughts and memories.

If you think that your mental health issues are causing you to turn to mind-altering substances for a sense of relief, it may be time to seek professional help to deal with your substance abuse issues and underlying mental illness.

Seeking Help at Tranquil Shores

Whether you’re recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, Tranquil Shores can help you every step of the way toward wellness and recovery. Our experienced clinical team of addiction experts is dedicated to providing unique and personalized therapy to those looking for help with substance use disorders in Florida.

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