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How the Holidays Trigger Relapses


The Link Between the Holiday Season and Relapses

While the holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year for many, those struggling with substance abuse and addiction may have a different experience. The experts at Tranquil Shores outline several ways that the holidays can cause you to stray from your path of sobriety.

Increased Stress Levels

Between preparing for company, planning holiday activities, and buying gifts — the holidays can prove to be an overwhelming time of year. When your body experiences elevated stress levels, there is a greater risk of experiencing distressing emotions like anxiety and depression

For those struggling with substance abuse and addiction, it can be tempting to turn to drugs and alcohol as a familiar coping mechanism.

Feeling Alone

With an emphasis on spending time with friends and family during the holiday season, this may be an especially difficult time for those who don’t have the support of their loved ones due to their issues with addiction. Unfortunately, the harmful effects of addiction on personal relationships don’t just diminish due to the time of year. This feeling of loneliness can lead to feelings of depression, leaving drug or alcohol abuse as a familiar coping mechanism to numb these feelings.

Holiday Parties

The holiday season means an abundance of dinner parties and festive celebrations, which may include alcohol and drugs being present. Although someone may be in recovery and committed to their sobriety, these temptations may prove to be too much to handle. This overconfidence in sobriety may lead to using your substance of choice as taking part in festivities, resulting in a downward spiral.

Seeking Help at Tranquil Shores

Whether you’re recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, Tranquil Shores can help you every step of the way toward wellness and recovery. Our experienced clinical team of addiction experts is dedicated to providing unique and personalized therapy to those looking for help with substance use disorders in Florida.

Please call us at (727) 591-4119 or get in touch with us online to take the first step on the road to recovery today.

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