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Coach Jimmy Johnson Teams Up Against Addiction

As the NFL season gets underway next weekend, Fox Sports Analyst and former Super Bowl-winning, Coach Jimmy Johnson and friends will meet in Tampa to support those in need of drug and alcohol recovery services. This issue is close to Coach Johnson’s heart as the father of Founder and CEO of Tranquil Shores treatment center, Chad Johnson who is also a recovering alcoholic.

Chad didn’t want any recognition as the son of the famous coach when he started Tranquil Shores, however, when Jimmy agreed to be a part of The Tranquil Shores Foundation, that was a different story. “The story of Chad’s addiction and his super-powerful father, who was helpless until Chad became willing, is compelling,” said Tricia Leimbach, Development Director for the foundation. “Coach Johnson remembers the pain well and has suggested to other parents that” even when you think you’ve given your child one last chance, give them another.” “When I came on board, I asked Chad who he wanted to help and he told me how almost every day he has to turn away people who are desperate for help but lack insurance and the financial resources. We decided the best way to get the message out was to approach his dad and created the Jimmy Johnson Scholarship Fund. He gave us the green light and we’ve been driving right through it, making dreams come true”, said Leimbach.

The Fox Sports Analyst will be headlining TSF’s first fundraiser entitled Team Up Against Addiction at Malio’s in downtown Tampa on Friday, September 9th at noon. The meet and greet will feature a silent auction of some terrific sports memorabilia, as well as the grand prize live auction item of an all-access, backstage visit with Jimmy to the Fox Sports set in L.A. Tickets, are limited. Go to for more information.

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