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Young Adults Seeking Treatment: Sarah’

Meet Sarah Y., a sophomore at a University in Boston. Sarah is a former client with Tranquil Shores who found sobriety early in life. Sarah’s story is unique as she was the youngest client to enter Tranquil Shores at 18, a senior in high school. “I had to convince my parents I needed treatment, not the other way around.” Says Sarah, “I knew I was on a path of destruction that would only get worse when I left home for college.”

Sarah was serious about her recovery from the first day she entered treatment. “I went through a lot of soul searching and knew I had to make some major changes if I was going to get what I wanted out of life, and not let my addiction keep me from achieving all the things I had planned for myself.” One major concern while in treatment was how Sarah was going to enjoy college life without partying like most other students. She and her counselors got to work on envisioning a sober life as a college student. “Before long, the fear left me and I began to find not only peace but pride in my decision to be sober, and I soon found out I was not alone,” Sarah says she found a sober community at college and is now so comfortable with her sobriety, she can hang out with whomever she chooses. “Living a substance-free life has been so much more than I imagined. I am happy, confident, and focused!

At Tranquil Shores, we have had great success encouraging young adults to choose sobriety early in life. It’s never too early to start over and RECLAIM YOUR LIFE!

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