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Tranquil Shores Alumni: Jill’s Story

Tranquil Shores is unique when it comes to follow-up with former clients. The alumni group at Tranquil Shores are offered many opportunities to assist them after they leave the confines of treatment.  Some of the activities on offer are the art of recovery: a chance to stay connected with their creative self, evening group sessions: to check-in and weigh in on lively topics, and alternative healing groups: to unwind with activities such as yoga, acupuncture or Kai Chi Do.

The alumni group also meets once a month for a planned evening activity such as bowling or miniature golf. “ I love the continuity the alumni group afforded me after treatment,” says Jill O., a former client, “I needed a community, people who are just like me where we can relate to each other if we’re struggling and share in our successes in sobriety!” Jill says she attended over 7 treatment centers before finding Tranquil Shores. “At other treatment centers, once you were out, you were out. I would go back to my old behavior rather quickly as I had nothing to hold me accountable and no sober network to rely on. “ Jill attributes her sobriety of over two years (the longest she ever had) in part to the Tranquil Shores’ alumni community. “ Being a part of a network that helps me navigate my sober journey has been invaluable!” says Jill O.

When you make the decision to come to Tranquil Shores, you are embarking on a path to self-care, self-reliance, and freedom from substance abuse. But your journey doesn’t end when you leave treatment, Tranquil Shores provides every opportunity to keep you connected and involved.

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