It’s a Family Disease: Elena’s Story

It’s common, when discussing substance abuse, that the focus is on the abuser. At Tranquil Shores we know it is a family disease. The actions of the addict or alcoholic have tremendous effects on family members. While it is important to focus on the client and discover the underlying issues that contributed to the abuse, we work directly with family members to help them grow and heal.

“Well, we tried just about everything; Pete tried to stop on his own and I tried to set boundaries that never worked.” Meet Elena; married to Pete for 17 years. Elena and Pete have known each other since childhood and while Pete always drank, it wasn’t until much later that his disease was getting the best of both of them. “We both knew something had to be done and it came from a place of love, a willingness to save our marriage.” Said Elena.

When Pete entered Tranquil Shores for a 90-day stint, Elena instinctually knew she had some work to do on herself as well. “So Pete’s counselor asked me to write an impact letter. “I was agitated with the task and angry, I did not want to look back and feel my feelings but she reassured me that I was doing this for both of us. Elena spent the weekend retracing their steps and going over all the difficult times; an exercise that would ultimately help her heal. “When I finished, I breathed a second sigh of relief, I was able to feel it and then let it go.” “I realized I had an opportunity to grow, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.” Says Elena. “

Elena read at least ten books during that 90 day period and posted the pertinent contents on a board in her closet to help her focus. “I learned so much from the weekly family groups at Tranquil Shores. I learned about the disease, communication, and family dynamics, and most of all that it wasn’t my responsibility to control the situation.”

Pete successfully completed the program at Tranquil Shores in June. He and Elena just returned from a long road trip to the Mid-Atlantic States. “We had a wonderful time and our level of communication has skyrocketed and it is all directly related to work that was done in the family group at Tranquil Shores. Can you relate to Elena’s story?

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