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Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo

What does it mean to really live a life of purpose? This and many other existential questions are commonplace when entering treatment. Clients have often become so detached from life that is hard to see where they belong, how they fit in and what purpose do they serve on this planet. A new group focus at Tranquil Shores called “Your Ego is Not Your Amigo,” lead by Lynn Pyz CAP, is aimed at getting down to how we to re-focus and find our connection.

“I see so many clients who are limited by the boundaries they have set for themselves by living in a vacuum of perfection,” says Pyz. “They often suffer from work holism, intellectualization, and the ever-present need to be right.” Pzy says that if recovery is about connection, then we need to find out just what we are disconnected from, yet connected to. In this group, clients will be challenged to examine their cognitive distortions and limiting beliefs about themselves, life and the universe in order to seek a greater connection. Tranquil Shores is a leader in innovative clinical therapy,” Your Ego is Not Your Amigo.” is just another example of the broad approach we take with our clients to help them to reclaim their lives!

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