The Seasons of Addiction

Winter Weather Leads to Greater Risk for Alcoholism

For many, winter brings on a feeling of oppression, of being under siege by Mother Nature herself. This has been described throughout history by people living in temperate climates with harsh winters.

Call it what you want. “Cabin Fever.” “Seasonal Affective Disorder.” It is real, and it is still happening. A study from BACtrack®, a leading breathalyzer manufacturer, reports that December through March are the peak drinking months in the United States.

When severe weather imposes severe limitations, you can feel like a prisoner. The resulting depression and sense of having nothing to do might sound like a good excuse to start drinking.

But no. You’ve decided to reclaim your life. We’ll help. When longer nights, howling winds and plummeting temperatures keep you locked inside, there are ways to overcome the gloom—to restore warmth and light to your outlook.

The staff at Tranquil Shores has the knowledge and experience to treat and help relieve your winter depression. We’ll find what works for you, whether the approach is psychological, medical, or a combination thereof.

Valentine’s Day is Coming and Love is in the Air!

But is it true, as some say, that “Love conquers all”? Is love, alone, sufficient to hold a relationship together when one partner is struggling with addiction?

The short and unavoidable answer is, “No.”

As Dr. Michael Hurd writes*, that “Just because you love someone doesn’t always mean you’re going to tell them what they want to hear.” For that love to survive, you and your partner need to acknowledge and talk about the substance abuse. Ignoring the situation won’t help. As Stevie Nicks said in her song, “Talk to Me,” “A wound gets worse when it’s treated with neglect.”

But talking things over, as people in love do, is not enough. Action must be taken. As Dr. Hurd writes, that’s because “sometimes people act against their interests. Those of us who otherwise love such people are responsible–ultimately to ourselves, and our values–to not, in any way, enable, sanction or make easier that self-defeating or self-destructive behavior.”

If you’re in love with an addict, what better way can you say, “I love you,” than to help reclaim that person’s life and love? Take the first step toward that reclamation by contacting Tranquil Shores today.

Summer Is On Its Way

It is starting to feel like summer and before we know it the season’s activities will be in full swing. Invitations will start flooding in for BBQ’s, beach parties and pool gatherings. While these times can create wonderful memories, there is also the risk of over indulging. Alcohol is often a staple at these events and one can easily get carried away. If you feel like your focus is more on the opportunity to drink than enjoy the actual experience of the event, it may be a sign you need help.

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